A Historical Account of Our Lake

Pictures From the past at North Lake



The Story of the 1943 Plane Crash written by Ahlene Fitch

The August 7, 1943 plane crash into our lake


Old Photos from Around The Area


The Ski Show


The Three Amigos

If you have trouble reading it, click here to download a pdf of the article. The lot where the Fitch’s had their cabin is where Dale and Eileen live today.


Tribute to John and Norma Lehman

John and Norma Lehman made their home on our lake for many years.

As a child Norma spent her summers on the lake and enjoyed spending time in the first cabin built on the lake on Lot 5 by her uncle, Guy Clements.  Later, her father Orley Clements (and Harry Anderson) built a cabin (Clements – Anderson) where John and Norma’s children, Linda and Johnny, spent their summers with cousins Sandy and Rex Clements.  John and Norma purchased a cabin from Norma’s Uncle Bud Clements (Vernon) and in 1970 they began to add on to it.  Later, they sold that home and moved down the hill to Lot #2 where they spent many happy summers entertaining and enjoying the lake.  They sold that property to Rex and Donna Clements in 2004 and moved to Florida year-round.
Norma died on November 24, 2005 in Naples, Florida.   John moved to Colorado and lived there three and a half years.  He died in Golden, Colorado on May 5, 2009.
A memorial was held on Saturday, July 18, 2009 at the Elmwood Cemetery, and at the Lake.  The lake party on our lake started around 11am and ended late into the evening.  It was a wonderful celebration of life for John and Norma.Below are pictures of John and Norma Lehman, and the memorial service at the Elmwood Cemetery.


John Lehman                                                                    Norma Clements Lehman


The July 18 memorial ceremony at the Elmwood Cemetery.  There were military honors for John at that time and Boyd received the flag, gave it to Linda who gave it to Johnny.


John and Norma Lehman

Historical Photos







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