2023 Fish Stocking

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Thank you for Giving To The Fish Stocking Fund

Mary Vap 

Kenny & Chelsea Liscum

John & Kendra Seaman      

Michael &  Katie Grier

Pete & Linda Maslowski

Bernie & Barbara Knott

Greg & Sue  Bruening

Tom Naso  (Bruening)

Dan & Kari Kinsella

Rex & Donna Clements

Sheaff Cabin

Ellsworth Family

Bill Swearingen

Keith & Pat May

Bill & Christy Lemmers

Jay Julin & Karen Martin

Roger & Julie Sand

Rick & Deb Minardi

Larry Wade

Tom & Shari Syskal

Larry & Jo Burson

Karl & Suzanne Kehm

Dale & Eileen Engelking

Mike Sartori

Scott Hudnall

Kyle & Ann Pitschka

Jim & Cathy Becker

Tom & Diane Saladino

Craig Johrning

Jim & Rita Crosland

Joe Dorsey

Brian & Patty Bassett

John & Sandy Graham

Visty Family

Wain Finke

Mimi Lemmerss

Rob & Peggy Clements

Ron & Charlotte Fehr

Bob & Sally Leftwich

Steve, Amy & Mark Whitmarsh

Bernie & Kim Egenberger

Dennis Bakewell

Mary Beth Lehmanowsky

Steve & Sharon Flohr

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Summer Kick Off Party

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Beer Bottle Beach Concrete Pour – April 3, 2023

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2023 4th of July

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Halloween Pontoon Ride with Rick and Mickie

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The Martin Family

Stan and Karen Martin 

Cabin 47

Established 1977

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2022 Forth of July

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The Labor Day festivities at the beach – we had a great turnout for cones and cotton candy!

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Fish Stocking

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North Lake Holloween Bonfire

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Lake Margarita Party – August 11, 2021

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