North Lake Regs

1) Drive Slow – all vehicles and ATV’s,  Anyone walking has the right of way.

2) Dogs must be on a leash when off your property.

3) Pontoons – stay to the outside of the lake during fast boating hours.

4) Swimmers/kayaks/paddle boards – cannot be further than 25 feet from shore.

5) Speed boats – no weaving back and forth if others are skiing or tubing.

6) Be courteous to your neighbors.

7) Children under the age of 13 on boats MUST be wearing a life jacket (per Nebraska State Law).

8) Golf carts and ATV’s must have lights after dark.

9) Take a break and give other boaters a chance.

10) You are responsible for your guests and your guest’s awareness of the rules.

11) Everything must have your cabin number posted on it.  Boats/kayaks/ATV’s/golf carts.

12) No fast boating after dark.

13) Pontoon safety lights need to be turned on at dusk.

Have Fun and STAY SAFE.

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