North Lake now has an easy way to donate to the fish fund, 4th of July festivities, or any other donation.  We now have a Venmo account.  If you have questions what Venmo is, feel free to visit their website.   Before you donate, you will need to create your own Venmo account.  It is fairly easy and doesn’t take much time.  All the information is on the website.  

North Lake’s Venmo name is:  North-Lake.  (be sure to have the dash between North and Lake). Dale will be the person in charge of the accounting of the funds, so you will see his name associated with the account.  When sending money to the account, Venmo makes you put a comment which is great.  Please have your comment be whatever account/activity you are donating to.  For example, if you are donating to the Stock the Lake fund, put “Stock the Lake” in the comments.  This will help Dale keep all money allocated to the correct fund.  Also, the profile picture for the Venmo account is a sunset picture at the lake.  

Thank you and happy donating!

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