Fall Fish Stocking

In October the lake was stocked with crappie, walleye, trout, bass, yellow perch and bluegill. Thank you for donating to the 2019 Fish Fund: Tom Schenkelberger, Larry and Jo Burson, John and Sandy Graham, Greg and Sue Ann Bruening, Joel and Jessica Clements, Andy Hudnall, Peter and Linda Maslowski, John and Edelene Grier, Andy Grier, Stan and Karen Martin, Jack and Rhonda Frans, Clements & Drevo Law Office, Larry Wade, Bob and Sally Leftwich, Michael and Kathleen Grier, Roger Korth Family, Jon and Mindy Simon, Norton Warner, Billy Swearingen, Tom and Diane Saladino, Roger Korth family, Dale and Eileen Engelking, Chad and Laurie McDaniel, Bob Ellsworth family, Rick and Deb Minardi, Jerry Owsley, Bernie and Barbara Knott, Jim and Rita Crosland, Ron Lubben family, Richard and Denise Costello, Robert & Peggy Clements, Dennis Bakewell and Mary Beth Lehmanowsky, Leroy and Jane Meyer.

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