2016 Royal Family

2016 Royalty
Dunlap Family
Lot 79b
est. 1960
The Dunlap brothers, Alan, Jay and Paul first leased Lot 79B in the early 1960s.  Along with their neighbor, Gene Eaton, a pair of A frame cabins were built.  The families shared the cabin, alternating times so that one family could spend a week at a time at the lake.  There was no heat or air-conditioning, but none of us seemed to mind.  In addition to the lake activities of swimming, tubing, skiing and some fishing, we would walk to the General Store in South Bend where we could find a wonderful display of candy.  And if we were lucky, we would drive into Louisville for an A&W Root Beer Float.   The annual Water Skiing Show was also an event to look forward to.  Eventually Paul sold his share to Alan and Jay.  Around 1985 the A frame was torn down and replaced with the existing home.  Although we had wonderful memories in the A frame, it was equally wonderful to have more than 1 bathroom, heat, air conditioning and fewer ways for the bugs and mice to get in.  We could also visit during the cold winter months.  Jay’s children decided they would like lake homes of their own and soon purchased lots on Big Sandy.  When Jay decided to follow his children to Big Sandy, Judy Dunlap Eicher (Alan’s daughter) purchased the lakehouse.  Currently Judy and her family of 4 children and 12 grandchildren own the lake house.  And continue to relive and create new memories.
Back Row – Stephanie Eicher Welsh, James Hauder, Mike Welsh, Todd Eicher
Front Row – Haley Eicher, Judy Dunlap Eicher, Jay Dunlap, Shirley Dunlap, Tyler Welsh, Benjamin Welsh, Sarah Eicher
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