2017 NLCA Tee

Order your 2017 NLCA tee before the May 12th deadline. Click on the links for the description and order form.  NLCA Tee    NLCA Order Form

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Sewer Map

Map of the North Lake sewer system.

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Spring Events

Sunday May 7, 2:00 p.m., Annual NLCA Owner’s meeting at the SB Town Hall.
Saturday May 13th – Annual Clean up Day (Boat Storage) – details TBA.
Friday, May 26th – Get Acquainted Party @ Beer Bottle Beach
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2016 Royal Family

2016 Royalty
Dunlap Family
Lot 79b
est. 1960
The Dunlap brothers, Alan, Jay and Paul first leased Lot 79B in the early 1960s.  Along with their neighbor, Gene Eaton, a pair of A frame cabins were built.  The families shared the cabin, alternating times so that one family could spend a week at a time at the lake.  There was no heat or air-conditioning, but none of us seemed to mind.  In addition to the lake activities of swimming, tubing, skiing and some fishing, we would walk to the General Store in South Bend where we could find a wonderful display of candy.  And if we were lucky, we would drive into Louisville for an A&W Root Beer Float.   The annual Water Skiing Show was also an event to look forward to.  Eventually Paul sold his share to Alan and Jay.  Around 1985 the A frame was torn down and replaced with the existing home.  Although we had wonderful memories in the A frame, it was equally wonderful to have more than 1 bathroom, heat, air conditioning and fewer ways for the bugs and mice to get in.  We could also visit during the cold winter months.  Jay’s children decided they would like lake homes of their own and soon purchased lots on Big Sandy.  When Jay decided to follow his children to Big Sandy, Judy Dunlap Eicher (Alan’s daughter) purchased the lakehouse.  Currently Judy and her family of 4 children and 12 grandchildren own the lake house.  And continue to relive and create new memories.
Back Row – Stephanie Eicher Welsh, James Hauder, Mike Welsh, Todd Eicher
Front Row – Haley Eicher, Judy Dunlap Eicher, Jay Dunlap, Shirley Dunlap, Tyler Welsh, Benjamin Welsh, Sarah Eicher
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Annual Cookie and Gift Exchange

Ladies of the Lake

Annual Cookie and Gift Exchange

ALL Ladies Welcome!

Sunday, December 18 # 58 North Lake Park

6:30-7:00 Food/Social

7:00 – ? Gift and Cookie Exchange

Instructions for cookies:

(The cookie exchange is optional)

Please bring one container with 5 dozen of one kind of homemade Christmas cookie

Bring an additional container to put your new selection of cookies in.

Some ladies bring baggies to separate the types of cookies

You will go home with 5 dozen of a new selection of cookies.

Instructions for gifts:

Please bring a $15 new, wrapped gift (something you would want to open!)

Please bring a good attitude as there will be stealing going on!

The person that brings the most stolen gift will get a prize!

We will provide some snacks, hot cocoa, hot cider and coffee.

If you would like to bring an appetizer, dessert or drink to share, feel free.

RSVP to Trish at 944-2788 or text 402-699-3434 by 12/16

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Fish Fund Donations 2016

Each fall we purchase fish to stock in our lake. The funding for our annual fish restocking comes from North Lake residents and donations from their guests.

Thank you to the those who contributed to our Fish Fund in 2016: Dennis Bakewell, Mary Beth Lehmanowsky, Bernie & Barbara Knott, David & Jill Blaha, Pete & Linda Maslowski, Roger Korth Family, Larry Wade, Larry & Jo Burson, Jack & Rhonda Frans, Bill Swearingen, Bob Ellsworth family, Bruce Skinner, Tom & Diane Saladino


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Fish Stocking

The lake was stocked with trout, walleye, crappie, blue gills, small mouth bass on October 11, 2016. Photos by Dale Engleking.

lake-stocking-2016-003-copy lake-stocking-2016-001-copy lake-stocking-2016-002-1-copy lake-stocking-2016-003-copy lake-stocking-2016-004 lake-stocking-2016-005 lake-stocking-2016-006 lake-stocking-2016-007 lake-stocking-2016-008 lake-stocking-2016-009 lake-stocking-2016-010 lake-stocking-2016-011 lake-stocking-2016-012 lake-stocking-2016-013 lake-stocking-2016-014 lake-stocking-2016-015 lake-stocking-2016-016 lake-stocking-2016-018 lake-stocking-2016-020 lake-stocking-2016-021 lake-stocking-2016-022

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Thank You Party

Thank you to all who were instrumental in purchasing our lake.

lake-thank-you-012 lake-thank-you-001 lake-thank-you-003 lake-thank-you-004 lake-thank-you-005 lake-thank-you-007-1 lake-thank-you-008 lake-thank-you-009-1 lake-thank-you-010 lake-thank-you-011-1

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Sweatshirts and Tee’s For Sale


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Large Mouth Bass Caught and Released

A amazing 20″ Large Mouth Bass was caught and released on Saturday, August 13th by a guest of  Roger Korth of Cabin 75.


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Thank You


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NLCA Members

North Lake Condo Association members may view minutes of board meetings, committees, bylaws, and the North Lake directory through the “Minutes-Directory” tab. (password required)

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Event Calendar

September 16th  – Appreciation Party at Beer Bottle Beach – 7:00 p.m.  Come say a “Thank you” to those individuals that were so instrumental in implementing the purchase of the lake!  Enjoy cake, ice cream, and music!  This event will be BYOB!

May 26, 2017 – Summer Kick-Off Party

July 1, 2017 – Fourth of July Fireworks

July 4, 2017 – Fourth of July Pancake Feed and ParadeJuly 4 2014 005


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North Lake Catch

Aaron and Drake Clements caught and released this large Flathead catfish on beef liver at Lot 114 July 28 2016


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Huge Catfish

Check out the 77 pound Blue Catfish Rick Costello from cabin 101 caught and released in the Platte River.
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July 4th North Lake










Download flyer: North Lake July 4

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Rough Fish Removal

Over 2000 pounds of rough fish (White Perch, Shad, and Carp) were removed from North Lake. There were no jumping carp or White Bass found in the lake.

100_4682 100_4683 100_4684 100_4685 100_4686 100_4687 100_4688 100_4689 100_4690 100_4691 100_4692 100_4693 100_4694 100_4695 100_4696 100_4697 100_4698 100_4699 100_4700 100_4701 100_4702 100_4703 100_4704 100_4705 100_4706 100_4707

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Lake Owners

The North Lake Condo Assn is now the owner of North Lake Lake and the River Road, including the Platte River bank,and a roadway easement from River Road to Hwy 66;and a sewer system use easement, subject to a 24′ wide access road easement to NEBCO for their well house.

North Lake Properties LLC (wholly owned by NLCA) owns the Boat Storage Area, Tree Farm parcel (excluding mail boxes) and Small Lake properties, and a short access easement into tree farm since we don’t own adjacent to entrance road; and an access easement at the north end of Small Lake for the road around N end of the lake.

On December 22, 2015 Rick Clements spent two hours at the title company reviewing legal descriptions of all documents for accuracy, then wired the payment for the parcels.

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Twas the Night Before Christmas


‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the lake,
Not a bullfrog was croaking, no noise he did make.
The boundaries were drawn by surveyors with care,
In hopes that St. Nebco soon would be there.

Six millions were nestled all snug in the banks,
While visions of ownership led us to give thanks.
For out on the lake, there rose such a clatter,
From owners galore who had funded the matter.

Away to the Bank I flew like a flash,
Tore open the checkbook and gathered the cash.
Driving to Lincoln, so lively and quick,
The meeting took place with Radke and Rick.

They spoke not a word but went straight to their work,
Checking each term and each little quirk.
Then Rick exclaimed as he saw all was right,
Happy boating to all, and to all a good night.


-composed by: Rick and Mickie Clements, 12-22-2015

KentRadke-RickClements-NLClosing Titlecore-RickClosing

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Fall Fishing Stocking


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North Lake Royal Majesty

Queen Annemarie Peter reigns as the 2015 North Lake Park’s Royal Majesty. The Peter family has enjoyed lake living since 1960.  Annemarie has been living at the lake full time since 1994 and her son, Val has been a full time resident since 1974.  Mrs. Peter celebrated her 100th birthday on March 18, 2015.





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2015 Fish Fund Donations

Thank you for your donations for purchasing fish that will be stocked in the lake during the fall of 2015.

Bill Swearinger

David & Jill Blaha

Dale & Eileen Engelking

Flohr family

Keith & Pat May

Jack & Rhonda Frans

Tom & Diane Saladino

Dennis Bakewell

Mary Beth Lehmanowsky

Stan & Karen Martin

Bernie & Barbara Knott

Jim & Marla McCabe

Larry Wade

Pete & Linda Maslowski

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2015 Forth of July

IMG_5818-296 IMG_5819-297 IMG_5822-298 IMG_5826-299 IMG_5827-300 IMG_5828-301 IMG_5831-302 IMG_5838-303 IMG_5839-304 IMG_5856-309 IMG_5852-308 IMG_5851-307 IMG_5841-306 IMG_5840-305 IMG_5858-310 IMG_5863-311 IMG_5865-312 IMG_5872-313 IMG_5873-314 IMG_5851-307 IMG_5841-306 IMG_5898-317 IMG_5896-316 IMG_5875-315 IMG_5872-313 IMG_5873-314 IMG_5875-315 IMG_5896-316 IMG_5898-317 IMG_5865-312 IMG_5863-311 IMG_5858-310 IMG_5856-309 IMG_5852-308

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2015 Forth of July Parade

IMG_5186-94 IMG_5185-93 IMG_5187-95 IMG_5191-99 IMG_5190-98 IMG_5189-97 IMG_5188-96 IMG_5195-101 IMG_5196-102 IMG_5199-103 IMG_5202-104 IMG_5204-105 IMG_5212-110 IMG_5211-109 IMG_5210-108 IMG_5207-107 IMG_5206-106 IMG_5214-111 IMG_5215-112 IMG_5216-113 IMG_5218-114 IMG_5219-115 IMG_5225-119 IMG_5223-118 IMG_5223-118 IMG_5222-117 IMG_5221-116 IMG_5226-120 IMG_5228-121 IMG_5229-122 IMG_5230-123 IMG_5231-124 IMG_5240-129 IMG_5238-128 IMG_5236-127 IMG_5234-126 IMG_5232-125 IMG_5241-130 IMG_5243-131 IMG_5244-132 IMG_5245-133 IMG_5247-134 IMG_5249-135 IMG_5250-136 IMG_5251-137 IMG_5252-138 IMG_5254-139 IMG_5266-144 IMG_5263-143 IMG_5261-142 IMG_5257-141 IMG_5256-140 IMG_5268-145 IMG_5271-146 IMG_5274-147 IMG_5277-148 IMG_5278-149 IMG_5285-154 IMG_5284-153 IMG_5283-152 IMG_5281-151 IMG_5280-150 IMG_5286-155 IMG_5288-156 IMG_5289-157 IMG_5290-158 IMG_5291-159 IMG_5298-164 IMG_5296-163 IMG_5295-162 IMG_5294-161 IMG_5293-160 IMG_5300-165 IMG_5301-166 IMG_5302-167 IMG_5304-168 IMG_5305-169 IMG_5310-174 IMG_5309-173 IMG_5308-172 IMG_5307-171 IMG_5306-170 IMG_5312-175 IMG_5313-176 IMG_5315-177 IMG_5316-178 IMG_5317-179 IMG_5318-180 IMG_5320-181 IMG_5321-182 IMG_5323-184 IMG_5332-189 IMG_5331-188 IMG_5330-187 IMG_5329-186 IMG_5325-185 IMG_5336-190 IMG_5338-191 IMG_5339-192 IMG_5342-193 IMG_5344-194 IMG_5359-199 IMG_5354-198 IMG_5347-197 IMG_5346-196 IMG_5345-195 IMG_5365-200 IMG_5367-201 IMG_5368-202 IMG_5371-203 IMG_5373-204 IMG_5409-209 IMG_5397-208 IMG_5396-207 IMG_5384-206 IMG_5380-205 IMG_5412-210 IMG_5413-211 IMG_5421-212 IMG_5422-213 IMG_5426-214 IMG_5437-219 IMG_5436-218 IMG_5433-217 IMG_5432-216 IMG_5429-215 IMG_5439-220 IMG_5444-221 IMG_5447-222 IMG_5449-223 IMG_5452-224 IMG_5456-225 IMG_5466-226 IMG_5468-227 IMG_5469-228 IMG_5471-229 IMG_5479-234 IMG_5478-233 IMG_5477-232 IMG_5474-231 IMG_5473-230 IMG_5485-235 IMG_5487-236 IMG_5488-237 IMG_5492-238 IMG_5494-239 IMG_5511-244 IMG_5510-243 IMG_5508-242 IMG_5502-241 IMG_5500-240 IMG_5513-245 IMG_5514-246 IMG_5516-247 IMG_5523-248 IMG_5525-249 IMG_5547-254 IMG_5540-253 IMG_5537-252 IMG_5535-251 IMG_5530-250 IMG_5548-255 IMG_5555-256 IMG_5557-257 IMG_5558-258 IMG_5561-259 IMG_5569-264 IMG_5567-263 IMG_5566-262 IMG_5564-261 IMG_5563-260 IMG_5570-265 IMG_5573-266 IMG_5581-267 IMG_5583-268 IMG_5586-269 IMG_5587-270 IMG_5589-271 IMG_5590-272 IMG_5591-273 IMG_5593-274 IMG_5601-279 IMG_5600-278 IMG_5597-277 IMG_5596-276 IMG_5594-275 IMG_5602-280 IMG_5603-281 IMG_5606-282 IMG_5608-283 IMG_5611-284 IMG_5622-290 IMG_5624-291 IMG_5628-292 IMG_5630-293 IMG_5634-294 IMG_5639-295

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2015 Forth of July – Pancake Feed

IMG_4915-1 IMG_4916-2 IMG_4918-3 IMG_4953-4 IMG_4954-5 IMG_4983-10 IMG_4970-8 IMG_4968-7 IMG_4980-9 IMG_4962-6 IMG_4987-11 IMG_4995-12 IMG_4996-13 IMG_4997-14 IMG_5000-15 IMG_5033-20 IMG_5017-19 IMG_5016-18 IMG_5012-17 IMG_5007-16 IMG_5037-21 IMG_5040-22 IMG_5047-23 IMG_5048-24 IMG_5050-25 IMG_5062-30 IMG_5057-29 IMG_5056-28 IMG_5055-27 IMG_5053-26 IMG_5065-31 IMG_5069-32 IMG_5074-33 IMG_5078-35 IMG_5075-34 IMG_5083-40 IMG_5082-39 IMG_5081-38 IMG_5080-37 IMG_5079-36 IMG_5084-41 IMG_5087-42 IMG_5088-43 IMG_5090-44 IMG_5091-45 IMG_5093-46 IMG_5095-47 IMG_5096-48 IMG_5098-49 IMG_5100-50 IMG_5115-55 IMG_5110-54 IMG_5106-53 IMG_5105-52 IMG_5103-51 IMG_5116-56 IMG_5117-57 IMG_5120-58 IMG_5121-59 IMG_5122-60 IMG_5128-65 IMG_5127-64 IMG_5126-63 IMG_5124-62 IMG_5123-61 IMG_5129-66 IMG_5132-67 IMG_5133-68 IMG_5134-69 IMG_5136-70 IMG_5151-75 IMG_5149-74 IMG_5146-73 IMG_5145-72 IMG_5139-71 IMG_5161-81 IMG_5152-76 IMG_5155-77 IMG_5157-78 IMG_5158-79 IMG_5159-80 IMG_5168-85 IMG_5166-84 IMG_5165-83 IMG_5164-82 IMG_5169-86 IMG_5172-87 IMG_5175-88 IMG_5177-89 IMG_5180-90 IMG_5184-92 IMG_5183-91

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2015 4th of July

2015July4th1 2015July4th2





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Legacy Of The First Cabin Owner

Guy Lelund Clements built the first cabin on North Lake in 1929. His 10-month old great great grandson Guy L Clements, age 10 months is enjoying the lake today.


Guyon Beach6-15

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Get Aquainted Party Pics

FullSizeRender (2)IMG_2136 IMG_2138 IMG_2139 IMG_2144 IMG_2145 IMG_2146 IMG_2148 IMG_2150 IMG_2154 IMG_2130 IMG_2131 IMG_2132 IMG_2133

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Get Aquainted Party Video


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