Geese Find Refuge On North Lake

The past winter during the cold days of January hundreds of geese found open water on North Lake.


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3 Responses to Geese Find Refuge On North Lake

  1. Randy Johnson says:

    So, is hundreds of geese finding refugue on North Lake a good thing or a bad thing? If it’s a good thing, then nice picture and heading. If it’s a bad thing, then make bubblers not allowed on the lake and see how much open water you have on the lake.

  2. Craig Johring says:

    Regarding the geese on our lake in the winter, every day goose droppings amount to 1-2 pounds per bird. The raw goose droppings can impact the water quality of our lake.

    Here is what Daryl Bauer, the Fisheries Outreach Program Manager with the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission said, “Geese are nothing more than poop-machines. All of that poop is full of nutrients, especially phosphorus. An excess of nutrients can cause all kinds of problems, especially excessive algae blooms including bluegreen algae and that can eventually lead to fish kills. You DO NOT want a bunch of geese hanging out on small waters for any length of time. You DO NOT want a bunch of geese hanging out on small waters for any length of time. Move ’em along! I hate seeing a bunch of resident geese, tame or wild, that hang out on pits and ponds.”

    • Bill Swearingen says:

      All that open water in the winter is driven down the lake by the prevailing Northwest winds and greatly eroding many of our beaches. Let nature takes its course and let the lake freeze to protect our shorelines and provide winter recreation opportunities like ice fishing and skating.

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