North Lake Fish Fund

A Fish Fund has been established. In 2010 the Fish Fund received $1200 in donations. The Fish Fund is used to purchase fish above the normal fish stocking from our budget. The $1200 was used to purchase 900 walleye that were stocked in our lake this past fall.

More fish will be stocked as funds are received into the Fish Fund.  To contribute to the Fish Fund, checks should be make to the North Lake Park Association and given to Dale Engelking.

The following donations were received in 2010 for the Fish Fund:  $1000 Hamilton Families (George, Jeff, Tom, Chris), $100  Craig Johring, $100 Anonymous.

22 1/2″ Large Mouth Bass caught by a guest on August 13, 2010

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  1. Jeff Hamilton says:

    would like to see less fireworks and more fish donations any thoughts

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