2020 Parade – 4th of July

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2020 Boat Parade – July 3

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North Lake Regs

1) Drive Slow – all vehicles and ATV’s,  Anyone walking has the right of way.

2) Dogs must be on a leash when off your property.

3) Pontoons – stay to the outside of the lake during fast boating hours.

4) Swimmers/kayaks/paddle boards – cannot be further than 25 feet from shore.

5) Speed boats – no weaving back and forth if others are skiing or tubing.

6) Be courteous to your neighbors.

7) Children under the age of 13 on boats MUST be wearing a life jacket (per Nebraska State Law).

8) Golf carts and ATV’s must have lights after dark.

9) Take a break and give other boaters a chance.

10) You are responsible for your guests and your guest’s awareness of the rules.

11) Everything must have your cabin number posted on it.  Boats/kayaks/ATV’s/golf carts.

12) No fast boating after dark.

13) Pontoon safety lights need to be turned on at dusk.

Have Fun and STAY SAFE.

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4th of July Activities



North Lake now has an easy way to donate to the fish fund, 4th of July festivities, or any other donation.  We now have a Venmo account.  If you have questions what Venmo is, feel free to visit their website.  https://venmo.com/about/product/   Before you donate, you will need to create your own Venmo account.  It is fairly easy and doesn’t take much time.  All the information is on the website.  

North Lake’s Venmo name is:  North-Lake.  (be sure to have the dash between North and Lake). Dale will be the person in charge of the accounting of the funds, so you will see his name associated with the account.  When sending money to the account, Venmo makes you put a comment which is great.  Please have your comment be whatever account/activity you are donating to.  For example, if you are donating to the Stock the Lake fund, put “Stock the Lake” in the comments.  This will help Dale keep all money allocated to the correct fund.  Also, the profile picture for the Venmo account is a sunset picture at the lake.  

Thank you and happy donating!

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Platte Landscape Video

Jeff McCabe took slide images from a media project he did in 1972 and produced a modern digital short video with music. This video has images of what is now Middle Island 100 feet deep in sand dunes. Pictured are images of the old quarry lake with the meadows and limestone formations of what is now Quarry Oaks Golf Course. This video shows a landscape and features that are gone forever.



Thank you for donating for the purchase of defibrillators for our lake: Pat and Lori Lemmers, John and Edelene Grier, David and Jill Blaha, Bob and Sally Leftwich, John and Sally Hudnall, Rod and Sue Penner, Ted and Coleen Hubbard, Karl and Suzanne Kehm, Bruce and Rhonda Skinner, Larry Wade, Gloria Grimm, Larry and Sandy Harvey, Mark and Cheri Minchow, Larry and Jo Burson, Pete and Linda Maslowski, Bob and Shirley Ellsworth, Dennis Bakewell and Mary Beth Lehmonowsky, Jon and Mindy Simon, Kelley Schaefer.

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Fall Fish Stocking

In October the lake was stocked with crappie, walleye, trout, bass, yellow perch and bluegill. Thank you for donating to the 2019 Fish Fund: Tom Schenkelberger, Larry and Jo Burson, John and Sandy Graham, Greg and Sue Ann Bruening, Joel and Jessica Clements, Andy Hudnall, Peter and Linda Maslowski, John and Edelene Grier, Andy Grier, Stan and Karen Martin, Jack and Rhonda Frans, Clements & Drevo Law Office, Larry Wade, Bob and Sally Leftwich, Michael and Kathleen Grier, Roger Korth Family, Jon and Mindy Simon, Norton Warner, Billy Swearingen, Tom and Diane Saladino, Roger Korth family, Dale and Eileen Engelking, Chad and Laurie McDaniel, Bob Ellsworth family, Rick and Deb Minardi, Jerry Owsley, Bernie and Barbara Knott, Jim and Rita Crosland, Ron Lubben family, Richard and Denise Costello, Robert & Peggy Clements, Dennis Bakewell and Mary Beth Lehmanowsky, Leroy and Jane Meyer.

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2019 4th of July

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North Lake – Middle Island Float Night

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2019 4th of July Royality

The Scott Harding family (lots 60 and 61) were honored as the 2019 North Lake Royal Family during the 4th of July Celebration.  Scott’s grandparents, the Zasteras purchased the cabin in 1965.  Scott bought the property in 1989 and have enjoyed life at the lake with friends and family ever since.

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4th of July

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 Friday May 24th,  6 PM at our famous Beer Bottle Beach!

Hot Dogs will be provided!

* Odd number lots, please bring salad or dessert

* Even number lots, please bring side dish

Plates, silverware, etc. provided!


Our special guests will be the wonderful people from Middle Island and Weeping Water Fire Department, who helped us sandbag at the time of a potential flood to our beautiful lake! Please come and thank these people for all the help they gave us!

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May Lake Clean Up Day

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Thank You!

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Stocking The Lake

Thank you to those who gave to the Fish Fund in 2018 for the stocking of the lake:  Jack and Rhonda Frans, David and Jill Blaha, Bill Swearingen, Peter and Lilnda Maslowski, Larry Wade, Stand and Karen Martin, Karl and Suzanne Kehm, Korth family, Dennis Bakewell and MaryBeth Lehmanowsky, John Julian family, Andy Hudnall, Dale Engelking, Norton Warner, Rick and Deb Minardi.

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The Fall At North Lake

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4th of July Royality

The Julin family has been on North Lake since 1959 when Ray Julin purchased cabin #98. The family has been making memories bouncing between several cabins on both Middle Island and North Lake since then and ultimately landed in cozy #88 in 1990. 

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Cass County Sheriff Thank You

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July 4th

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Gloria’s Lake Poem

Paradise is defined by Webster as any place or condition of great beauty and happiness.

The Lake

There is a place next to paradise Where peace and beauty abound. The soul longs for tranquility And here it can be found”

There are hikers and bikers And skiers and boats. Music and balloons On 4th of July floats.

There is swimming and tubing and fun Fowl and fish” And beach get togethers Where you eat hot dogs and bring a covered dish.

Our lake is a special place where friends and families can play With picnics, cookouts, and bonfires at night

And Karaoke and dancing on a wafin summer day.

What joy is given at Christmas time When our homes are ablaze with lights. To help stave off a gray mid-winter And we look forward to next summers delights.

Written by Gloria Grimm, cabin 93  (Shared with Ladies On The Lake June, 2018)

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Summer Kick Off Party

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All Board Members

To email all NLCA Board Members:  allboardmembers@northlake.us

Your email will be sent to:

Pat Lemmers 

Bruce Skinner

Rick Clements  

Kevin Burch  

Cheri Minchow  

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Fall North Lake Fish Stocking

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Fish Fund Donations – 2017

Thank you to all who contributed to the 2017 Fish Fund:  Bill Swearingen, Larry & Jo Burson, Bernie & Barbara Knott, Rob & Peggy Clements, Roger Korth family, Dale & Eileen Engelking, Andy Hudnall, Dennis Bakewell, Mary Beth Lehmanowsky, Pete & Linda Maslowski, Clements & Drevo, Rex & Donna Clements, James & Rita Crosland, Ron & Charlotte Fehr, Larry Wade, Norton Warner, Stan & Karen Martin, Ted & Coleen Hubbard, Jack & Rhonda Frans, Tom & Diane Saladino

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Craig Johring’s Labor Day Salmon Bake for North Lake Residents

September 4th at Beer Bottle Beach at 6:00 pm. Arrive early! Baked Salmon, Fried Halibut, and Fried Catfish will be served at 6:00 pm. Bring a dish, side salad, and/or dessert to share. Bring a plate, silverware, and drinks.  Live music will start at 7:30 pm. with Danny Leger (pictured below). Danny is an Omaha-based song writer and recording artist, and works full time with Hope Of the Poor. Danny and his family spent the summer working with the Native Alaskans on the islands of Southeast Alaska with Craig.


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The Danger Of Sand Cave-ins

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JULY 4th At North Lake

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Longevity At North Lake

The three most senior residents of North Lake together at the Get Acquainted Party; Zina, Betty, and Annemarie. The combined total of their ages is 290 years!


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2017 Get Acquainted Party


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